Romanian Culture - The Priceless Treasure

Romanian culture is often a group of material and spiritual values issued on Romania land: Traditional Romania culture, Romanian music, Romanian literature, Romanian architecture, Romanian science, religion in Romania, superstitions in Romania, sport in Romania.

Culture serves as a every one of the material and spiritual values put together by humankind plus the institutions necessary so as to communicate these values.

Traditional Romania culture is usually a number of ideas, traditions and beliefs, which might be preserved over time within some social or national groups, and which might be spread orally from your generation to a different, highlighting per group its specific feature. Traditions preserve real or legendary information concerning facts or events of earlier times, communicated orally.

As much as Romania music can be involved, we could say that before have voices like Maria Tanase, the highest folk music singer in Romania possesses voices like Mihai Trastariu or bands like "Iris", that contain collaborated with international names like "Uriah Heep". Romanian classical music as well as the opera have representatives like Leontina Vaduva, a fantastic artist individuals times.

To keep with, Romania culture means literature and names like Nichita Stannescu or Marin Preda. The previous became a great modern Romanian poet plus the latter a novelist. Romanian literature has representatives like Mircea Eliade inside the domain of fantastic literature or Emil Cioran from the domain of philosophy.

Religion is a crucial cultural take into account Romania. Most of the people are Christian orthodox, but there are other religions, too, like Roman Catholic, reformed and other religions. Religious tolerance is a crucial feature of Romanians, because they're aware that people each one is created and therefore are controlled by the same Almighty God. Normally, seniors that are not snappy visit the church every Sunday and pray there along with more members of the city.

Romanians are quite superstitious plus they strongly rely on magic and in invisible forces, good or evil ones.

One example is, they take into consideration that should they discover a needle somewhere this is a symbol of quarrel or poverty. Furthermore, if final month 2 snow melts, and drops through the eaves, bees will create a great deal of honey that year. Besides, many specific superstitions matched to important moments in a very person's life, like wedding, childbirth, baptism, death. For example, a particular Romanian superstition on special day is that the bridegroom should pay a symbolic sum of money to 1 from the bride's representatives before entering the bride's house.

Romanian culture means sport too. Famous brands like Nadia Comaneci in gymnastics and Gheorghe Hagi in football makes Romanians feel proud of their nation. Actually, gymnastics is definitely a successful sport in Romania. Football at the same time can be a Romanian sport, that makes people excited on any occasion of international matches.

Finally, Romania culture is quite rich, however, nowadays it turned out blurred by the plethora of non-values promoted on commercial purposes. The good news is however that there continue to exist people prepared to preserve this culture.
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